• How much are the SKMTH fees/ tariffs?
    The fees are reasonably low because the Hospital is not for profit but rather for cost-shared and sustainable heath care. It has been built to minimise cost of health care, reduce international referrals and provide convenience to patients and families. 
  • What services are currently offered at SKMTH?
    Services are commissioned in phases. The following units are now operational: Radiology Nephrology (Kidney care) Pharmacy – in and outpatient services Adult ICU Paediatric ICU Neonatal ICU Inpatient and outpatient Internal Medicine (Male and Female Medical Wards) Paediatric services – in and outpatient services Medical Oncology Radiation Oncology An update on more services will be provided… more
  • What is the mandate of SKMTH?
    The Hospital provides clinical care (patient centred) at a level higher than the referral / tertiary Hospitals. SKMTH receives referrals from both private and public health care facilities (tertiary) for patients needing subspecialised and specialised services at quaternary level. To teach and facilitate the development of health care professionals in partnership with UB School of Medicine. More… more
  • Who owns Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital?
    Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital is 100% owned by the Government of Botswana(GoB). The Hospital is duly licenced to operate as a private health care provider. SKMTH a State owned Enterprise(SoE) / Company limited under the Ministry of Health. SKMTH provides paid for Clinical services. Referred patients may be paid for the GoB, through the Ministry of Health, Medical AID Schemes, other… more
  • Where is Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital?
    Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital is located next to University of Botswana. Few meters north of University of Botswana Stadium. From Maruapula side, you turn right to join the Tlokweng road, and we are located just after Blue Tree Cafe.
  • Is Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital open to see general patients?
    Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital is currently undergoing commissioning and services are rolled out in a phased approach. Currently the Hospital has opened Medical & Radiation Oncology, Radiology Services, Pharmacy, Nephrology (Dialysis), ICU (Adult, Paediatrics Services and Neonatal), Paediatrics (outpatient and inpatient) and Medical Ward. Dates of opening other services will be… more
  • How do you contact the Procurement Team?
    Tenders- 3735041 & 3735069 Purchasing (PO)- 3735032 Deliveries- 3735034 & 3735070& 3735152 Switch Board- 3735001
  • Where can we make our deliveries?
    SKMTH has a delivery port on the west of the building from our North Entrance.
  • How can we find out about any circulating tenders?
    We post tender advertisements on local newspapers, SKMTH social media pages and website.
  • Where are the Procurement Offices?
    The Procurement Offices can be found on the Third floor of the building (D4056, D4058) and in the Basement (B0126).