Our Values

What we consider Important...

SKMTH aspires to set the industry standard of excellence in the provision of quality healthcare services, medical research and teaching to improve health outcomes. These are beliefs in which we are invested. Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital describes six guiding principles that communicate the Hospital values.

Patients First: We strive to deliver outstanding care and health outcomes that protect the interests and quality of life of those we serve. We have adopted a cooperative and interactive approach to creating a seamless and enjoyable patient and family experience.

Empathy: We are sincere, fair and forthright. We value diversity and inclusion creating an environment where all are valued and treated with kindness and respect.

Respect & Confidentiality: We conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions. We honour our patients’ right to privacy and confidentiality.

Partner Learning & Equity: We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and are open to free exchange of views and ideas. We work equitably towards a common goal with mutual trust and solidarity. We leverage our collective strengths and experiences to bring greater value to one another and those we serve.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation:We are committed to providing exceptional service by promoting innovative thinking. We serve with distinction in order to achieve the highest level of quality care and safety.

Stewardship: We provide healthcare services that are affordable, cost efficient and accessible to all. We pledge ourselves to being socially, environmentally and financially responsible by managing resources in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the Hospital, the shareholder, the community and the environment

Our Values